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Techno peach


Techno peach

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Fully Washed, Local Landrace Varieties 

Nano Challa Cooperative, Agaro, Oromia, Ethiopia

Tastes like: Creamy, Honey, Peachy, Flowery! 

The 25 farmers who originally formed Nano Challa Cooperative in the early 2000's produce coffees that represent some of the oldest and original varieties of arabica coffee in the world! In 2009/10 the cooperative teamed up with NGO Technoserve (remember Duromina washing station from KTH?), with intention of gaining a more direct access to the market of specialty coffee roasters. 

Enter present day and Nano Challa has been one of the most widely featured co-op's across all specialty roasters. An amazing success story for equally amazing quality coffees! Luna brings keeps it light to celebrate all the summery goodness and florality in this truly special coffee. 


*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee