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Special Selection - Arnaud Causse


Special Selection - Arnaud Causse

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Fully washed Sidra variety 

Pichincha Province, Ecuador 

Tastes like: black tea, rose, cherry blossom 

Definitely one of the most exciting coffees we've featured in the shop thus far. This particular coffee cultivar, Sidra, started appearing in coffee competitions a few years back and is now making its way onto some specialty roasters offer sheets. So when we saw this on Harken's new menu it was a no brainer! 

Sidra is a hybrid of Typica and Red Bourbon. Typica is one of the oldest Arabica strains. Known for its vibrant, acid forward cups , Typica's lineage traces all the way back to Ethiopian coffee forests . Red bourbon is cherished for it's sweet, round bodied cups. All these qualities coming together in one cup, the profile is very similar to a Gesha varietal - very sweet acidity, incredible structure and clean floral notes. Best described by the folks at Harken:

"One sip. That's all it took us to decide had to have this coffee. It happens every once in a while, where a light goes off in your head, your knees buckle a bit and you just can't help but smile and taste the coffee over and over and over."


*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee