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Santa Isabel, Guatemala

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Santa Isabel, Guatemala

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Washed Caturra varietal 

Coban, Guatamala 

Tastes like: Plum, Orange, Toffee

This coffee is a special selection from Santa Isabel. Each day, the lots of coffee that were processed on the farm were cupped (tasted) and the very sweetest ones were set aside to create this micro-lot. This coffee is fruity and complex and, when brewed for filter, its nuanced characteristics shine through in the cup.

Santa Isabel is a family farm, run by fifth-generation producer Luis Valdés Jr (nicknamed Wicho). The farm is located in Guatemala’s Cobán region, where it rains for 9–10 months of the year. This means that the coffee-tree flowering is staggered, which results in a long harvest period (usually November–May), as the cherries ripen at different rates. To make sure each cherry is picked at its ripest, Wicho’s team does at least 12 passes over the farm. Sometimes there are breaks of up to two weeks between passes as the cherries need time to ripen to perfection. 


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