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Los Rodriguez Espresso, Bolivia

Coffee Collective

Los Rodriguez Espresso, Bolivia

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Coco natural processed Caturra varietal 

Caranavi, Bolivia 

Tastes like: pear, melon, florals 

An exciting, rare variation on the natural process, Coco Natural involves dehydrating the cherry instead of just drying it. Coffee cherries are dried on raised beds under a special UV-filter shade for the first days and then finished in Coco Dryers for slower, more consistent drying/dehydration. 

The folks at Coffee Collective say these lots "took the spotlight on the cupping tables" (even over the much prized Gesha lots!) for their "fruity and fragrant aromas , and the coffee was sweet, acidic and complex." Expect an intensely fruity and sweet espresso with a refreshing cider-like acidity. 




*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee