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Las Alasitas, Bolivia


Las Alasitas, Bolivia

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Washed Caturra variety

Finca Los Rodriguez, Bolinda, Bolivia 

Tastes like: Red grape, blackcurrant and honey

La Finca Las Alasitas is one of the farms owned by Agricafe. Agricafe offers logistical and financial support to the producers it represents, in addition to training them in sustainable agricultural practices and enabling them to increase the quality of their harvests. 

In 2019, Agricafe was honored with the Specialty Coffee Association's Best Sustainable Business Model award, recognizing decades of investment in establishing an inspiring sustainable and social production model. After several months of discussion with Daniela Rodriguez in 2020, Pista had the opportunity to select two lots from the current harvest, this red Caturra being one of them. 

This coffee is syrupy sweet, with a heavy body almost veering towards a natural in flavour. Suitable for both espresso and filter coffee. 


*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee