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La Estrella, Colombia

Market Lane

La Estrella, Colombia

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Washed Chiroso variety

Urrao, Colombia 

Tastes like: Black tea, blackcurrent, red apple 

This is a really exciting coffee for us! Chiroso is a new variety that originated in the Urrao region of Antioquia, Colombia. It's said to be a natural mutation of the Cattura variety, recently cultivated by producers in the area and celebrated for its complex and floral cup profile. 

This coffee was produced by John Alexander Bermudez and his family on their 1.5-hectare farm. John, his wife and oldest daughter do most of the work on the farm, only hiring people from their local community to help them during the busy harvest season. This gives them great oversight and enables them to be meticulous and specialty-focused. Apple tasting notes, a product of complex malic acidity, are indicators of good growing and picking practices. In the cup, you’ll find this coffee has a lovely silky texture and a long, sweet finish.


*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee