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Kenya Ndima-ini PB


Kenya Ndima-ini PB

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Fully Washed, SL 28, SL 34, & Riuri 11 Varieties

Gikuyu Co-operative Society, Karatina, Nyeri

Tastes Like: Lime, Hibiscus, Rhubarb Cobbler  

It's not been the most exciting year for Kenyan coffees - they've been absent from many roasters' offering sheets - but this pair of Quietly offerings from Ndimi-ini washing station's got us all jazzed at the shop! This is the Peaberry lot - PB for short - describing the mere 10% of coffee cherries that exclusively produce only 1 bean (over 90% of coffee blossoms result in 2 beans, hence the one flat side). Coveted for their exceptional flavour clarity, this PB lot boasts bright juicy citrus fruit finished with tart hibiscus & rhubarb flavours and a long floral finish.