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Hazelnut Cookie
Hazelnut Cookie


Hazelnut Cookie

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Fully Washed, Caturra & Bourbon Varaties 

The Perez Family, Acatenango, Guatemala 

Tastes like: Gentle Citrus, Hazelnut & Butter


"La Soledad will always be available to good baristas!" - Raoul Perez.  

Maybe the most personal coffee I've had in the shop. In 2016, I stayed on Finca La Soledad, the Perez Family farm where this coffee is from for two days. If Square mile was my gateway into specialty, then this was the moment when it became a serious profession for me. On that farm, Raoul, his brother Jose, and mother Mercedes offered us a kind of hospitality I can only aspire to and gave me my first glimpse into the life of coffee producers and exploitation that happens at the beginning of the coffee chain. It's incredible how for granted we take what is often thought of here as a commodity product like coffee. Its equally incredible the attention and finesse that Raul and his family put into production - operating their own, onsite wet-mill (this is rare) off a power generator at peak times of day because there is no power source on their farm. And his Caturra's are some of the best I've ever tasted! 

Coincidentally, I also met Laura Perry on this trip. Laura is one half of Luna Coffee Roasters and at the time, she was working as a green buyer for 49th Parallel Coffee roasters. At that point, that company was one of the best specialty roasters in the world and in this restaurant where we all met, Laura told us mind blowing stories of her recent trip to Ethiopia that I'll never forget. Laura is an amazing green buyer and I would argue one of the best minds working in coffee at the moment. So it's equally amazing to me that we're bringing this coffee in from Luna and you can bet it will be high high def! 


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