Hartman Washed + Natural

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Hartman Washed + Natural

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75% Washed / 25% Natural Caturra & Catuai Varietals 

Santa Clara, Panama 

Tastes Like: Tart, Syrupy Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Complex 

We are really stoked to feature this coffee as our house espresso for the next while. From one of the most famous producers in Specialty coffee - The Hartman Family - this coffee is actually 2 in one! The ripe coffee cherry has been separated after picking to be processed in two different ways; as both a natural and washed process. Natural processing describes when the coffee fruit is left in contact with the bean or seed to be dried whole for a long period of time. The resulting flavour is enhanced sweetness and body from the fruit and skin contact. Washed processing - de-pulping, soaking, and fermenting the bean - makes up the majority of the this blend for good clarity of flavour and balance. This is one of the more exciting coffees we've brought in so far and can't wait to pull shots of this one!