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Gabriel Motta Pink Bourbon

Black and White

Gabriel Motta Pink Bourbon

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Washed anaerobic process 

Acevedo, Huila, Colombia 

Tastes like: tangerine, orange wine, black tea 

Colombian coffees have been stellar this year and we are so excited to have another Pink Bourbon lot to share with you from Gabriel's farm La Esmeralda in Acevedo, Colombia!

This lot in particular is a washed coffee processed using 120hr anaerobic fermentation - a process by which the coffee is kept in an oxygen-free environment that favors different communities of microorganisms like lactic-acid bacteria compared to traditional open air fermentation which favors yeast. These microorganisms will produce different aromatic compounds while breaking down the mucilage or cherry and those compounds are largely responsible for the final flavor, which has served to further emphasize those lovely, classic Pink Bourbon characteristics.

At the cupping table, we experienced a coffee that is delightfully citrusy, like ripe tangerines, with a crisp acidity, reminiscent of a great bottle of orange wine. It has a very clean sweetness that reminds of a lightly sweetened black tea infused with lemon. The whole experience in the cup is crisp, light, and refreshing - all the things a great summer sipper should be.


*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee