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Eulogio Martinez, Honduras
Eulogio Martinez, Honduras


Eulogio Martinez, Honduras

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Washed Parainema Varietal 

Santa Barbara, Honduras 

Tastes like: Black Tea, Cherry Cola, Fig Newton

Parainema is hybrid variety of coffee grown primarily in Honduras. We first came across this unique coffee with Rootbeer Float from Luna Coffee Roasters. Since then, we're to start seeing Parainema's on offer from many excellent specialty roasters like Harken here, which is exciting because these coffees are often really diverse in flavour. According to Harken, this one is the truly comforting, soft and delicate. The Santa Barbara region was devastated by recent tropical storms and many farmers lost entire crops, even homes and loved ones. We're lucky to be able to buy coffee from this region and making a conscious effort to support as many producers from Santa Barbara as we can. 


*If you need your coffee ground, please leave a note in your cart and let us know what you use to make coffee