Ethiopia Duromina

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Ethiopia Duromina

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Fully Washed, Ethiopian Landrace Varieties. Certified Organic.  

Jimma, Oromia 

Tastes Like: Summer.

This coffee is an incredible success story. It goes like this: 

Bakc in 2015, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation financed a technoServe project to test new methods for collecting outcome data associated with improving smallholder aricultural productivity in Africa. Duromina Cooperative was one of the first of these projects. They provided workers with smartphones and taught them how to collect field data using the phones that would then be uploaded to a centralized server. Then they walked away - trusting that the producers were experts in their field and knew how to interpret the data to improve their production. 

With these new tools, those producers took their coffee from a commodity product to a specialty product almost overnight. It goes to show that if you provide people with the proper resources, you empower them to take charge of their livelihoods and improve the quality of their crop. 

This coffee is also a quintessential summer coffee, in the way only Ethiopian coffees can be: Incredible florals, high definition of fruit flavours, super juicy and crushable. 

Kiss the Hippo is the first roaster from the UK we've featured in the shop. They've roasted the UK barista Championship winning coffee 3 years running now so they must be doing something right!