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Ethiopia - Magnolia |  Washed Local Landraces - Omni Roast


Ethiopia - Magnolia | Washed Local Landraces - Omni Roast

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Washed local landraces

Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia

Tastes Like: Toffee, Peach Snapple

From Lee:

The Layo Teraga Washing Station was founded in 1976 and revamped in 2000. It operates as a hub for just over 500 smallholder farms around Haro Wachu. Lots are small and coffee is often mixed in with numerous other crops. Layo Teraga features 5 core collection centers with 3 dedicated to washed lots and 2 for naturals. This year’s lot comes from ‘Site 2’ or the ‘Boye’ center and, like always, brings those hallmark bright and sunny we associate with the station.
It is hard not to get excited for fresh crop Layo Teraga. It is always so sparkling and refreshing. You can expect lots of fresh lemon and lime in the cup’s aromatics and first sip. The citrus cascades along with a berry compote note that gives way to sticky peach and sweet finish that hits notes of maple syrup and toffee with a big note of black tea.