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Kuura 2020 '฿∅ᄱ♥ლ⁸ᐃᗴᚨ⁹ƀɑᗲʗ.exe' Raw puer
Kuura 2020 '฿∅ᄱ♥ლ⁸ᐃᗴᚨ⁹ƀɑᗲʗ.exe' Raw puer


Kuura 2020 '฿∅ᄱ♥ლ⁸ᐃᗴᚨ⁹ƀɑᗲʗ.exe' Raw puer

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Raw (sheng) Puer

Spring, 2020 material

A blend, from Kuura, to you. A tea made for the year we've had, and the years we surely are to have ahead.

If you've enjoyed our Psychotropical raw puer, you'll enjoy this too; it's a little bit punchier. Plenty of fragrance, sweetness, and mouthfeel for a tea at this price point. After a bit of time to age, we'd describe this tea as 'fruity'. Not overly bitter or aggressive, and not hollow or lacking.

Fuck your factory cakes; the material comes from tea gardens with biodiversity, no industrial agriculture, and lots of character.