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Kurra 2020 'LOVEBEAMCAKE' White Tea
Kurra 2020 'LOVEBEAMCAKE' White Tea
Kurra 2020 'LOVEBEAMCAKE' White Tea


Kurra 2020 'LOVEBEAMCAKE' White Tea

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Spring 2020 material

Shade-dried, Yueguangbai (Moonlight white) 

Smooth, thick body, rich honey sweetness 

In contrast to the much beloved, sun-dried Electroflowercandy this Yunnan white tea has been dried in the shade. Drying in the shade takes longer, meaning the tea oxidises a little bit more than drying quickly in full sun. The result is a darker liquor, and a more sweet, fruity flavour, and less floral/grassy fragrance. Commonly this style is referred to as Yueguangbai meaning 'Moonlight white' in Chinese.

Tasting notes, you say? Well, maybe a little stone-fruit kinda vibe, lots of honey-like sweetness, maybe even a little bit malty if you really push the brewing. It brews for a very long time, and does very nicely if you simmer it after your session.

We recommend this tea at all hours and for any mood. Often the kind of tea we reach for when we can't decide what to drink, and it's never disappointing.