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Ethiopia - Sweet Shop | Blend Processes - Espresso Roast

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Ethiopia - Sweet Shop | Blend Processes - Espresso Roast

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This coffee is a mixture of two processes, both from Ethiopia; one washed and one honey.

Tastes Like: Sweet Berries, Red Candy, White Sugar

This is an Espresso Roast

From the Roaster:

Delivering big on the tutti frutti candy sweetness of Sweetshop, this next blend brings together two Jimma giants, Biftu Gudina from the Agaro Region and Telila Honey Yukro from Gera.

The Biftu Gudina Cooperative is a great example of the Bill & Melinda Gates Technoserve legacy in Western Ethiopia. Founded in 2012, the washing station has an eco-pulper - an important asset because it uses minimal fresh water to remove the skin from the coffee cherry. A template for some of the best washed coffees produced in the Jimma today, we love the marshmallow sweetness and honey texture Biftu Gudina contributes to the blend.

As you might know, honey-processed coffees from Ethiopia are not commonplace. One of the pioneers in the field is Ethiopian-American Mike Mamo, the owner of the Telila Honey Washing Station. Mike has long ties to the Ethiopian coffee industry through his family's export company Addis Exporters and decided to take the leap into buying cherry in the 2018-2019 season. A combined lot from farmers in the Yukro kebele, sweet and sugary Telila offers a peachy cup oozing apricot and berry notes of delight!