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Honduras Roselis Herrara

Phil & Sebastian

Honduras Roselis Herrara

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Fully washed, bourbon and pacas varieties 

El Citelito, Santa Barbara 

Reminds us of: Ruby red grapefruit, Tamarind, Vanilla 

Intense and unique, juicy and lively, coffees from this region of Honduras are always special. 

We've featured coffees from Roselis's uncle,  Margarito Herrara, a number of times this past year and we're always blown away by how vibrant they are! This is the first time we've had one of Roselis's coffees in the house but P&S have been working with Herrara family for many years now - since 2012 at least. They've grown together and pushed each other's quality to a place where now, we get to taste all the benefits a what a direct trade model such as theirs can do for not only leveraging the quality of coffee we drink but the livelihood of those who grow and make it for us. 


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