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Honduras - Javier Fernandez | Washed Catuai - Omni Roast

Proud Mary

Honduras - Javier Fernandez | Washed Catuai - Omni Roast

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Washed Catuai Variety

Santa Barbara, Honduras

Tastes Like: Peach, white grape, & vanilla

From the Roaster:

Proud Mary's connection to the Santa Barbara region of Honduras began all the way back in 2012 when we were introduced to a small group of producers situated around the town of Peña Blanca, close to the shores of Lake Yojoa. More than a decade later, that group of producers has grown in number, and our relationships have deepened. When we started working with Javier Fernandez in 2012, he only processed his coffees using the washed method. Fast forward a decade, and now Javier has become a leader in the region for experimentation and quality. This lot, grown at Javier’s small farm, Los Tanques, is a callback to his formative years in coffee production. Processed via the traditional washed method, this Catuai is juicy and vibrant, with lots of stone fruit notes, reminiscent of the first time we tasted Javier’s coffee all those years ago.