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Hartmann Family Washed Anaerobic Geisha

Phil & Sebastian

Hartmann Family Washed Anaerobic Geisha

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Washed, anaerobic Geisha Varietal 

Finca Ojo de Agua, Santa Clara, Panama 

Tastes like: Cherry, Papaya, Minerality 

The most famous of all coffee varieties from one of the most famous farms in all of specialty coffee. Roasted by one of the quality driven, producer focused roasters in the world. What more to say about this one? This particular lot underwent an additional fermentation step in a near oxygen-free environment that allowed a longer fermentation period of close to six days. Fermentation in this environment allows the geisha flavours to really "pop" and a increase in body that one would usually expect in this variety. We have a very limited amount of this coffee and expect it to go quick! 


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