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Guatamala Los Aguacatones


Guatamala Los Aguacatones

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Varieties: Bourbon, Villa Sarchi, Typica 

Flavor Note : Dried fruit, tangerine, dried fig, coffee with a long sweet aftertaste
Stone fruit, Tangerine, Dried fig, Sweet notes finish

Los Aguacatones farm started as an avocado planting project in 2009. The efforts and agronomic experience of Morales family span more than 30 years to obtain the best genetics in avocado trees. At the same time that the avocado planting started, another experiment began to to plant coffee trees at 2000 meters above sea level. 

The changes at the Los Aguacatones farm are focused on producing specialty coffees using different processes such as: washed, honeys and natural ones. In the year 2017 the farm participated in the Cup of Excellence program reaching National Winner, this award motivated us to work harder and invest in more water catchments in order to achieve the maximum flavor potential for our coffee .