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Colombia - La Fantasia Lot Vira | Carbonic Maceration - Filter


Colombia - La Fantasia Lot Vira | Carbonic Maceration - Filter

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Carbonic Maceration Natural Castillo Varietal

Tastes Like: Pomegranate, Redcurrant, Blood Orange, Dark Chocolate

This is a Filter Roast

From the Roaster:

In this fermentation, the oxygen has minimal interaction with the cherries or parchment, and there is usually no agitation. They are placed in sealed tanks and hand-sorted upon arriving at the wet mill. Sugar content, temperature and pH levels are recorded all day. The high sugar content provides food for yeast and bacteria naturally present in the air and on the cherries. As the tank is sealed, it will fill up with CO2, and all the air will be chased out, creating an anaerobic fermentation. The only bacteria that can survive in this condition produces lactic acid developing a softer acidity structure and more perceived creaminess in the cup.